Our principles of engagement


Our principles of engagement


Participants in Leader Development Consultations include thought-leaders from many nations representing three major groups:

  • Indigenous church planting and training ministries
  • Leader development ministries
  • Foundations and individual donors

Participants come from many parts of the world and may work in a variety of spheres: church training programs, universities and seminaries, corporate training, funding, mentoring, sports ministry, church planting, youth ministry, campus work, etc.

The contributions of all participants are of value; no single individual, church or organization is put in the spotlight.


We should collectively respect the validity of various callings and approaches to ministry, and thus will not discount or seek to discredit the work of others, especially for the purpose of promoting our own work.

Out of respect for one another’s theological backgrounds and positions, we seek to situate our discussions within that broad area of common ground which we as share; we neither promote nor condemn distinctive doctrinal positions.

Should one participant feel constrained to exhort another regarding a chosen approach or sphere of work, this should be done in a spirit of love and sharing, and should be handled privately.